Mr. Spock is dead. The killer walks free!

Did you know that 15 millions of Americans suffer of the disorder that killed Leonard Nimoy, the actor best known for his role as Mr. Spock on Star Trek?  The disease is called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it’@s  a progressive illness often linked to smoking. COPD is a group of lung diseases that block airflow and make it difficult to breathe. It’s possible to manage the illness medically, but this varies from case to case. The majority of patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are people aged 40 and higher. The problem is, that the damage caused by COPD cannot be reversed. Furthermore, researchers link the occurrence of COPD with asthma and lung cancer. As patients with COPD have frequent complications with breathing, they slip into rather unhealthy life style, lowering their physical activity and often, developing a clinical depression. So who are the real heroes trying to find new cures and therapies for this disease?