Brain enhancement research trends: drugs, implants and electrical stimulation.

Thync is new impressive technology, that promises to help its users “conquer life” by allowing them to change their mood on demand. Although it sounds like science fiction, the company expects to receive FDA approval by end of 2015. Researchers today try to improve our bodies and extend the limits of our consciousness in many ways. But do you know what’s the reason for this?

Why do scientists try to enhance our minds?

It’s sure, that the undying motivation of homo sapiens spices to know more, to get further, to speed up its own evolution and expand the inherited functions of human mind, plays the role here. However, it’s not just that. The cognitive enhancement research has great potential to assist us in future eradication of many neurological, psychiatric and psychological diseases, such as various types of dementia and depression, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease or in brain stroke rehabilitation. We expect them to come either in the form of powerful diagnostic tools or as next generation of highly effective therapies.