Diabetes has friends too. Ignore your therapy and you might just meet them all!

It’s nearly impossible not to know what diabetes is. Everyone has at least one person in their life diagnosed with this disease. In 2013 it was estimated, that over 382 million people throughout the world suffer from diabetes. Diabetes type 2 is considered to be the pandemic of 21. century. One of the hottest questions in current diabetes research, is the level of diabetes’ co-occurrence with other diseases and syndromes. Exploring the nature of their mutual relation, could bring us the key to more efficient therapies in near future.

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Vitamin supplements are mostly non-effective, potentially harmful.

Vitamin supplements became a part of everyday life for many people. But are they really helping? The new findings from University of Colorado Cancer Center, which follows the study from 2012: “Dietary supplements and cancer prevention: balancing potential benefits against proven harms.”, suggests it is not necessarily true. One of the researchers, Tim Byers, reported: “we have discovered that taking extra vitamins and minerals does more harm than good.” Study concludes, that the amount of vitamins from the natural sources are sufficient for most of worlds population.

What about the research on the connection between different vitamins and cancer? Are these topics interesting for scientists? What we can learn from wast amounts of unstructured research data available?

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