Measles outbreaks in US: the causes and factors.

According to the report by Centers for Disease control and prevention (CDC), 102 US citizens from 14 different states were diagnosed with measles in January of 2015. Most cases are part of a large, ongoing multi-state outbreak linked by it’s origin to an amusement park in California. Tragically, within these cases are also kids too young for prentive vaccination. This fact should encourage us to ask questions like: what are the major factors of these outbreaks? How come that USA, an advanced and well-developed country, experiences public health threats more expected to be present in third wold countries? Are we lacking necessary knowledge (i.e. the theoretical and applied research), or the ability to apply knowledge we already have (e.g. effective execution of prevention programs)? In this blog post, we will investigate these two questions.

Drug abuse: Is marijuana the biggest problem we have?

The American Academy of Pediatrics published a report on recreational marijuana use among kids under the age of 18. Researchers tried to answer questions like: Will the newest wave of changes in USA law regarding marijuana abuse make things better or worse? How does marijuana affect kids’ brain development? These are important questions. However, one tempting question is, whether the effects of marijuana abuse on kid’s development is rightfully the theme of biggest concern in the context of scientific research and politic discussion – and should it be?

How to quickly find out what influences risk of prostate cancer?

Currently, we index more than 22 million Life Sciences research abstracts at SciCurve. With the help of natural language processing and data mining, we are able to provide you with helpful information. Today, we would like to show you how to determine the most investigated factors for prostate cancer development, using SciCurve map view. The map view takes the top 1000 articles for given topic and places them on the map, generating clusters of articles with semantically similar focus.